Public Support for Public Education, presentation by Julie Underwood

Video: “Road to ReferendumThe school funding process utilized by the state of Wisconsin is complicated and unpopular, if not broken. Ask anyone who pays into it. “Road to Referendum” details the problems inherent in the current funding system, and highlights some possible solutions, from the point-of-view of the community of Eau Claire, WI — which is headed to a fall referendum on school financing.

Network for Public Education: Privatization toolkits

School Funding:

Education Academy 101: Resources on understanding public education funding and policy in Wisconsin, produced by Wisconsin School Administrators Alliance, the Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance, the Southeastern Wisconsin Schools Alliance, and the Wisconsin Association of School Boards. Includes fantastic videos on School Finance 101 and Accountability in Education.

DPI Resource: Wisconsin School Finance system (website)

DPI: Challenges for Wisconsin: School Finance and Vouchers (pdf)

DPI Presentation:Impact of Private School Vouchers on Wisconsin Public Schools (PowerPoint)

DPI’s Fair Funding for our Future plan (website)

DPI: Introduction to Special Education Funding (PowerPoint)

Public Schools: Make Them Private,” by Milton Friedman (1995)

Mead, J.F. (2015). Private in Name Only: A Statutory and Constitutional Analysis of Milwaukee’s Private School Voucher Program. Washington and Lee Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice. 21(2), 331-382.
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School Funding Reform for Wisconsin

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