Local education leaders play an essential role in setting the tone of local conversations about public schools, and can create a positive climate for honest conversations about what our schools need to succeed at the local level.

Writing resolutions and letters to the editors of local papers is one way local leaders can take a firm stance in support of public schools. 

When school leaders and school board members speak out, parents and other communities not only become more aware of issues that matter to our children and schools, but can feel empowered to take action themselves. Often parents and others are waiting to “take their lead” from an “expert” or someone in a position to understand the big picture.  Letting the local community know what they can do to support local schools is an important part of the work administrators and board members do.

Wisconsin’s many professional organizations provide excellent resources, templates, and analyses of legislative news to help education leaders share their concerns with their communities.  Take advantage of these resources and use them to ensure that your community is doing all it can to support its students and schools:

Important tip:  To maximize the local impact and “snowball effect” of speaking out, be sure to make your actions as “public” as possible by communicating them to parents and reaching out to the larger community through local media. Writing press releases and letters to the local paper is a great way to let the community at large know of actions or positions your district has taken. Holding community listening sessions, film screenings, and other events can also start valuable conversations about how people can get more involved and work together to stand up for kids and schools.