Buyer Beware: You Get What You Pay For With Fast-Tracked Teacher License

  A “sponsored ad” has started to pop up on our social media feeds, and we’ve been getting some questions on the validity of a Wisconsin teachers certification program that promises you a license without taking the edTPA. Can this be for real? It’s for real. Wisconsin Public Education Network’s Executive Director, Heather DuBois Bourenane, shares […]

WI Chiefs of Police Call for Comprehensive School Safety Measures

“The current system is underfunded.” On the same day that students around the state stood up for stronger safety measures, the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association issued a strong statement echoing many of the concerns and demands of students, parents, and school leaders: AN OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE ACTION Meanwhile, the Governor today called for a […]

Wisconsin Parents to Lawmakers: Listen to Students, School Leaders on School Safety

Wisconsin Parents to Lawmakers: Listen to Students, School Leaders on School Safety Wisconsin parents call for long-term solutions as legislators begin talks on school safety. Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. March 13, 2018: With students around the state planning to participate in walkouts for gun reform on Wednesday, parents across Wisconsin are calling for comprehensive support for safe […]

Stand up for School Safety in Wisconsin

What will it take to prevent gun violence in Wisconsin schools? Dr. Tony Evers, Wisconsin’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, has put together a list of the resources schools need now to ensure that every student is safe and to prevent incidents of violence in our schools. We join Dr. Evers in calling on Governor Walker and […]

Public School Supporters Eager for Blue Ribbon Commission on Funding

NEWS RELEASE [pdf here]: Public School Supporters Call on Blue Ribbon Commission to Find – and Fund – Real Solutions for Wisconsin Students  Milwaukee, Feb. 2, 2018. As the Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding begins the critical work today of finding real solutions to Wisconsin’s school funding issues, public education advocates around the state are eager to […]

Wisconsin Public Education Network Action News & Updates

WISCONSIN PUBLIC EDUCATION NETWORK ACTION NEWS & UPDATES Wisconsin Public Education Network issues regular email announcements with breaking news, updates, and action opportunities for public education supporters. To join our mailing list and ensure you’re receiving the latest updates, email SUBSCRIBE to Please include your name, contact information, group/affiliation, and city in the body of your […]

Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding Headquarters

Where are we now? The Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding released its final report in January 2019. This document, which has many points of overlap with the budget proposed by Governor Evers, and could serve as a starting point for serious bipartisan consensus on fixing some of Wisconsin’s most pressing school funding problems. Let’s come […]