Materials and Resources-2018 Summer Summit

Presenter materials and resources.

#WeChoose Equity Keynote presentation by Jitu Brown, Journey for Justice Alliance

Morning Session (10-11:15 am)


1:30 – 2:45 pm

  • (B1) School Funding 101: Get the Facts (LM/1348)
  • (B2) Speak Your Peace: Advocacy Lessons from the Door County Civility Project (1310)
  • (B3) Media & Messaging Pro Tips (1365)
  • (B4) Appleton Area School District’s Journey to School Mental Health (1313) 
  • (B5) The Milwaukee Community Schools Partnership (1315)
  • (B6) Bridging Rural and Urban Opportunity Gaps (1316)
  • (B7) Historic Cuts or Historic Investments? Trends in Wisconsin School Funding (1317)
  • (B8) Who’s Behind School Privatization in Wisconsin? (1080)
  • (B9) School Takeover Legislation: What it Means to All of us (1371)
  • (B10) A Plan for Referendum Success in Titletown (1307)
  • (B11) Representing: Elections, Equity & Education (1318)
  • (B12) Urban, Rural, & Suburban Connections (1085)
  • (B13) Make It Local! Organizing 101 – How to Unite Your Community for Strong Public Schools (1087)
  • (B14) Wisconsin Students Take on School Safety & Gun Violence (Auditorium)

Media and News

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