Grassroots, local level organizing is the heart of our efforts to defend and support our schools. 

And local aGo Publicction might be easier to achieve than you think.  Each of the education advocacy groups around the state started with just a few people who cared deeply about making a difference and standing up for local schools.

Whether you’re trying to get a group started on your own or working to develop an existing team or network into a stronger voice for public schools, we can help!

Wisconsin Public Education Network offers everything from presentations and workshops to a 2.5-day organizer training to help your groups get the tools they need to organize effectively to support the local schools in your community.

Contact our director, Heather DuBois Bourenane, for more information on connecting with your neighbors, forming a local action team, and hosting events that will bring your community together in support of local schools.

See our 2017 calendar for a list of current and upcoming training opportunities.