2021 Week of Action Highlights

Wisconsin has spoken on the state budget. Now let’s make sure we’re heard. Take action now before it’s too late, and share these stories to amplify kids’ needs.

Click this image to tell lawmakers: Amend the education budget for Wisconsin students. Sign and share now so we can show our lawmakers where Wisconsin stands!

Wisconsin Public Education Network partners across the state took local action on June 21, 2021 — and throughout the week — to demand that the legislature pass a budget that meets local kids’ priority needs and closes the gaps in public education.

News Roundup & Stories from Wisconsin

Check out our YouTube playlist for video clips from the day, including interview and clips from the Dane County press conference, courtesy of the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools.

    • PORT WASHINGTON/OZAUKEE: Letter: Skimping on Special Ed Funding Hurts All Public School Students – Ozaukee Press, June 23, 2021
    • LAKE MILLS: Public School Advocates Call for Fair Funding – Lake Mills Leader, June 21, 2021
      • ‘“Few things can attest to the strength and unity of a community like a public school system. At their best, public schools are vehicles of formal and informal learning, social connections, and democracy. The way our community bands together to support our students inside and outside of the classroom is a testament to our values,” said Annika Purisch, a 2021 LMHS graduate during the CAPE event. “I would not be the person I am today without my public education. Without my public school teachers and principals and staff to support me over so many years. I would like to make a not-so-radical statement and say what happens inside of the walls of a classroom matters. And it’s about time our state government started acting like it.”’

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