What’s Best for Kids & Schools Top Concern of Budget Hearings

Support for Kids & Public Schools Was Top Concern at Budget Hearings: Time for Legislators to Follow Blue Ribbon Blueprint for Funding Fairness Parents, students, board members, educators, school leaders, district administrators and community supporters of strong public schools turned out by the hundreds to testify in support of fully and fairly funded public schools […]

Coalition calls on state to close $2 Billion Biennial Special Ed Funding Deficit

LFB memo confirms legislature passing $1 billion Annual Special Education Deficit on to local schools: Coalition calls on elected officials to support 60% reimbursement proposals.   A memo from the State’s Legislative Fiscal Bureau confirms that the state legislature is passing a more than $1 billion annual funding shortfall on to local schools.   The […]

“Pitiful” – Wisconsin’s Special Education Funding Worst in the Nation

“Pitiful.” That’s the word a national funding expert from EdBuild used to describe Wisconsin’s funding system compared to other states. “Pitiful.” At a public hearing before the Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding, national experts from both EdBuild and the Education Commission of the States iterated the many ways Wisconsin is worst or near worst […]

Education advocates applaud Evers’ plan to freeze voucher, independent charter spending

25 February, 2019 Wisconsin public education advocates applaud Governor Evers’ plan to freeze voucher and independent charter spending Wisconsin public education advocates applaud Governor Evers’ leadership in proposing a long-overdue freeze on voucher and independent charter programs (USA Today, WPR, WASB, Journal Sentinel) Everywhere we go around the state – at town halls, at public hearings, […]

Archive: 2017-2019 Budget Action HQ

This page is an archive of our 2017-2019 Budget Action resources. You can find current budget information and action opportunities at: http://www.WisconsinNetwork.org/budget  Archive: 2017-2019 budget resources: 2017-2019 Wisconsin Budget Headquarters Go Public with YOUR story! TESTIFY IN SUPPORT OF A BUDGET THAT ENSURES STRONG PUBLIC SCHOOLS & THRIVING COMMUNITIES! This page is updated regularly as new […]

Wisconsin Celebrated I Love Our Public Schools Week Feb. 11-15

Wisconsin Celebrates I Love Our Public Schools Week Feb. 11-15 Wisconsin communities, from Milwaukee to Superior, spent the week celebrating the accomplishments of local students, teachers and staff in the 3rd annual I Love Our Public Schools week February 11-15, 2019, organized by the Wisconsin Public Education Network, a nonpartisan coalition of public school supporters. Around […]

Blue Ribbon Commission Testimonials

We went to EVERY SINGLE Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding Hearing and we LISTENED. We broke down the testimony into many “buckets” of issues. The main buckets that were identified were: Children’s needs, Teacher Crisis, Fixing the Funding Formula and Truth in Budgeting. WPEN has a short handout describing the importance of each of […]

#VotePublic Week of Action: Oct 1-6, 2018

#VotePublic statewide Week of Action is Oct. 1-6, 2018! We call on all local teams, districts, and organizations to coordinate actions and help us amplify them during this week. Whether you’re holding a forum or writing postcards, sharing candidate information or getting to know where candidates stand, you can be part of this week of action! […]