July 7, 2021: Budget on Governor’s Desk; Day of Action Recap; SUMMER SUMMIT

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    On Tues., June 29, the State Assembly passed a budget that provided no increase to public school districts’ revenue limits — which means zero new dollars in most classrooms — by a vote of 64-34. Then, on Wed., June 30, the State Senate did the same, passing the budget by a vote of 23-9. Our Education Vote Tracker is updated with how each member of the legislature voted. Eighty Republicans and seven Democrats voted for this budget (combining both chambers). See our reaction to the budget passage here — including a call to action to contact the governor — and the letter Dr. Julie Underwood sent to Governor Evers on behalf of the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools (WAES) Board here.

    The governor has six days from taking up the budget bill to make any vetos and sign a 2021-23 biennial state budget into law. We will have updates from the governor’s office when news is available.

    Check out the WisconsinEye Morning Minute from July 7, 2021 with Governor Tony Evers discussing the budget.


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    As is included in our communications above and via email, the people of Wisconsin have participated in democracy at every turn of the state budget process. Still, the budget that passed into law does not reflect the will of the people by not adequately or equitably funding public schools. Contact the governor and let him know what you think of the budget now.

    Our friends at the ACLU of Wisconsin are offering the 2021 Summer Justice Institute for high school students (primarily in the Milwaukee area) July 19 – 30, in a hybrid format. The deadline to register is Friday, July 9.



On June 21, 2021, public school leaders, educators, families, and advocates across the state took part in coordinated, nonpartisan, local actions to push for a stronger education budget. The day drew headlines across the state all week and demonstrated the enormous groundswell of public support for adequate and equitable school funding.

Statewide headlines:

Check out our YouTube playlist for video clips from the day, including interview and clips from the Dane County press conference, courtesy of the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools.

See the full Day of Action highlights post here.

Northwest Wisconsin

Day of Action headlines:

Southwest Wisconsin

Day of Action headlines:

  • ‘Flat Budgets, Increasing Costs’: School Leaders, Organizations Push for Increased School Funding in 2021-23 Budget – Scott Girard, Capital Times, June 21, 2021
  • Channel 3000 Video Coverage of Dane County Press Conference at the Capitol
    • Dave Hoekstra, conservative Sun Prairie School Board member, speaks at 19:13
    • Heather DuBois Bourenane’s closing remarks begin at 31:50
  • Officials Bash State Budget Plan During SPASD Budget Meeting – Sun Prairie Star, June 25, 2021
    • ‘“Either they’re ignorant of ESSER and what it can be used for or they’re ignorant of what schools need,” [Phil] Frei [Sun Prairie Area School District Director of Business and Finance] said. “Because we need an increase in our per pupil spending that can’t come from ESSER dollars. I think that’s one of the messages we need to get out.”’
  • Public School Advocates Call for Fair Funding – Lake Mills Leader, June 21, 2021
    • ‘“Few things can attest to the strength and unity of a community like a public school system. At their best, public schools are vehicles of formal and informal learning, social connections, and democracy. The way our community bands together to support our students inside and outside of the classroom is a testament to our values,” said Annika Purisch, a 2021 LMHS graduate during the CAPE event. “I would not be the person I am today without my public education. Without my public school teachers and principals and staff to support me over so many years. I would like to make a not-so-radical statement and say what happens inside of the walls of a classroom matters. And it’s about time our state government started acting like it.”’

Northeast Wisconsin

Day of Action highlights:

Southeast Wisconsin

Day of Action highlights:


Patti (top left, FCA4PE), Marcia (FCA4PE), Julie (WAES), and Denise (Team Public) at the capitol, June 29 and 30, 2021.

Spotlight on Marcia and Patti from Fox Cities Advocates for Public Education, who joined Julie from WAES and Denise from Team Public in attending the legislative floor sessions on the budget in person. This is the single most important piece of legislation elected leaders pass in Wisconsin every two years, and their persistent engagement in the democratic process is an integral part of the process. Thank you, Marcia and Patti!


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