Protect the Common School Fund! #VotePublic April 3



On April 3, 2018 Wisconsin voters statewide will be asked if they want to eliminate the office of the Wisconsin State Treasurer from our Constitution. This would make us the only state in the U.S. not to have a Treasurer or an equivalent watchdog office. Over one billion dollars in Common School Funds are at risk by eliminating this office.

What Eliminating the Office of the State Treasurer Would Mean to Public Schools

Schools_1_Pager_Final-1 Action Steps YOU can take!

  1. Vote NO to the ballot measure to Amend the State Constitution and eliminate the State Treasurer on April 3rd! If you need to register to vote, check to see if you are registered or need any other information on how to vote, check out
  2. Educate and raise awareness about this ballot measure in your community. Share the graphic above! If you would like more information about the history of the State Treasurer position, check out this power point. For any more details and questions visit the website of the Advocacy group spearheading this effort, Save Our Fiscal Watchdog.
  3. Take action! #GoPublic with your support for public schools and call on local leaders and others to do the same! Three easy ways to show local support for the State Treasurer Position:
    1. Write a letter to the editor, either as an individual, organization, board member or as a whole board. Example Letter from a school board member.
    2. The School Board can pass a resolution in support of the position. The Eau Claire School Board has already passed such a resolution! Example Resolution
    3. Sign the petition and commit to vote!


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