Teacher Appreciation Week 2020: Now More Than Ever

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The coronavirus pandemic shows us exactly what role educators play in our communities.

As Wisconsin families continue to stay Safer At Home, public schools have had to adapt in unprecedented ways. Districts across the state have fast-tracked to online lessons, fitted students’ homes for remote learning and adjusted the grading scales.

Teachers and all school staff have turned their lives around, to dedicate themselves to Wisconsin kids in the middle of a crisis. As students learn from home, educators put in long and challenging work to support them.

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and educators have shown us what they truly mean to our communities.

In such an uncertain time, it’s more obvious than ever that public schools are a source of safety, certainty and belonging for Wisconsin families. They have the power to give every child the resources they need to learn and grow. They can strive for equity in an unequal world and provide security to kids who feel vulnerable.

We encourage you to #ThankATeacher on social media—and tag us so we can celebrate our state’s amazing educators along with you!

Educators: we see the long hours you are spending on a new, imperfect teaching environment. We know you are facing the sadness and uncertainty of this pandemic in your own lives and with your own families. We know you miss your students as much as your students miss you.

Thank you for all you do to build complex relationships with Wisconsin kids, from pre-kindergarten to young adulthood.

We appreciate you, and we will continue to fight for public education!

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