#VOTEPUBLIC: US Senate & Congressional Candidate Survey Results

Wisconsin voters want to know where candidates stand on the issues that matter to them!

Our strategy team developed questions based on the issues most important to supporters of strong public schools, and invited all candidates for US Senate and Congress to respond.

See the full results below or click here for a pdf.

If you are unsure of your Congressional district there is a map at the bottom of this page for reference.

To see more of our #VotePublic advocacy and get involved head over to our #VotePublic Headquarters!

To see detailed results with comments from each candidate, please click on the links below, and share the results widely with your community to let voters know where the candidates stand:

 US Senate

Leah Vukmir (R)

Tammy Baldwin (D)

 US Congress, District 1

Bryan Stiel (R)

Randy Bryce (D)

Kenneth Yorgan (I)

 US Congress, District 2

Mark Pocan (D)

 US Congress, District 3

Steve Toft (R)

Ron Kind (D)

 US Congress, District 4

Tim Rogers (R)

Gwen Moore (D)

Robert Raymond (I)

 US Congress, District 5

F. James Sensenbrenner (R)

Tom Palzewicz (D)

 US Congress, District 6

Glen Grothman (R)

Dan Kohl (D)

 US Congress, District 7

Sean Duffy (R)

Margaret Engebretson (D)

Ken Driessen (I)

 US Congress, District 8

Mike Gallagher (R)

Beau Liegeios (D)

Click here to see PDF of all candidates detailed responses.

If you are interested in sending out your own questionnaires to local candidates, here is a guide to help you write questions and get started!

Congressional District Map

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