teachers believe black lives matter

We Applaud Anti-Racist Educational Leadership

Public education is the backbone of our state.

As this week ends, and on what would be Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday, we appreciate educators and districts across Wisconsin who are responding to this moment by publicly supporting and committing to black families in their communities.

Their leadership shines through in their commitments to kids and families. The Wisconsin Public Education Network wants to amplify some of their messages:

Finally, the Department of Public Instruction and State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor released a statement on the state’s journey for educational equity, commitment to improve, and guidance to center black lives and racial equity when schools reopen in the fall.

We know these are only a few examples of the strong leadership our public school educators are showing in Wisconsin. Leaders know that public schools have a unique responsibility–and a unique opportunity–to address these issues in a meaningful way. We thank our state’s educators for this leadership and are committed to helping them acknowledge, respond to, and address racism head-on by making sure every public school thrives.

We appreciate these efforts and encourage lawmakers, educators, and community members in every corner of the state to follow these examples of courageous leadership.

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