Check this page for digital actions you can take right now to support our public schools.


Visit our BUDGET HQ to learn about the state budget and which provisions in the Governor’s proposal will do the most good for kids and public schools. Then, use your voice and speak up on the budget.

There were four live hearings on the budget before the Joint Finance Committee, and written testimony was due on April 30. Now, you need to stand up for a just budget for Wisconsin’s kids by directly communicating with your legislators.


Tell us you’re voting (or already voted) and remind your friends to finalize their voting plans, too! Click the blue button to open Facebook Messenger, click “Get Started” on Localyst, and share with your friends.

Facebook Messenger has proven to be an extremely effective way to expand voter turnout because reminders are easy to share and come from a trusted friend. So even if you think everyone in your life has already voted, take a minute to share this reminder. Keep the snowball rolling and help us get out the vote!

Other resources and shareable items:

  1. The ever-entertaining Kristin from As Goes Wisconsin made a video on TikTok and other social media encouraging folks to share why they’re voting, and even has some resources for sharing them on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook yourself! The more people share their voting stories on social media, the more people we all reach. Here are her resources:
    • We shared her video on our Facebook page — you can share, too, and tell your Facebook friends why you’re voting!
    • @AsGoesWisconsin’s Twitter video: she’s encouraging folks to retweet and “quote tweet” the video with your own voting message!
    • @AsGoesWisconsin’s Instagram video
    • @AsGoesWisconsin’s TikTok video
    • Directions for posting your own RESPONSE video on Instagram Reels and TikTok — awesome resource from As Goes Wisconsin. If you’re new to this platform and want to try it, you can find and download TikTok in the App Store on your phone, set up an account (using other social media or your email address), and find As Goes Wisconsin’s video by searching for @asgoeswisconsin. Then, you can refer to the directions linked here. It could be fun!
  2. Share our graphics and videos on social media. Our content is free and available to use in the service of any nonpartisan, non-candidate-affiliated voter turnout efforts.
    • Google folder containing some of our graphics, videos
    • Video explaining why we should all care about the State Superintendent election
  3. Superintendent Election HQ — share this page to direct people to information about the State Superintendent race.
  4. Election HQ — share the page to direct people to more general election information.
  5. Sign the #VotePublic Pledge and share it so your friends sign, too


Take a selfie, post it on social media, and share what you said using the hashtag #GoPublic!


Do you follow us on Facebook? Why not follow us on Instagram, too? Tell your friends, neighbors, colleagues, nieces, nephews–Instagram is a great place to share our LOCAL stories for STATEWIDE impact and stay connected through our shared commitment to strong public schools!

Twitter keeps us connected to current events–and is where we live-tweet some MUST-KNOW goings on, from legislative hearings on education and beyond!