#AppreciationInAction: Teacher Appreciation Week 2023


May 8-12, 2023 is National Teacher Appreciation Week. We view this week as a reminder not only to appreciate, celebrate, and thank the teachers who have made a difference in our own lives, but also to put #AppreciationInAction by demanding the cultural and political conditions, compensation and professional respect these amazing teachers really need to do what they do best.

To the educators in our state: thank you for everything you do. Your work is at the core of Wisconsin’s future, and you bring our public schools to life every day.

#AppreciationInAction is one of the key pillars of what it means to be a public school champion, and we hope you’ll join us in taking concrete steps this week to show educators that you care — and that you’ve got their back. We must act to oppose deprofessionalization and divisive rhetoric, lift up and spread the positive stories about what teachers in our public schools really do, and take action to deliver the conditions our teachers really deserve.

If you aren’t sure where to start, go to our Budget HQ at WisconsinNetwork.org/budget and demand a state budget that attracts and retains excellent teachers and staff, compensates them fairly for the work they do, and gives them the freedom to teach as trusted professionals. Contact your lawmakers this week, share your story with a teacher who inspires you, and put it on social media (and tag us!) to build momentum and spread the positivity.



  1. Join our educator friends at WEAC by RSVPing for their BUDGET RALLY AT THE CAPITOL on Saturday, May 20. This important event is an opportunity to show up in huge numbers and demonstrate to our leaders that Wisconsin stands united with students and educators in demanding a pro-public state budget. RSVP HERE!
  2. Join our friends at Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT), coalition partners, and the Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools + Team Public in opposing AB245, a shared revenue proposal that would usurp local control over Milwaukee Public Schools and impose a School Resource Officer requirement in exchange for municipal funds. Sign LIT’s petition here.
  3. New school board member? Know a new school board member? Join us on Thursday, May 18 from 6:30-8:30pm for Coming Together for Strong Public Schools, a free, virtual workshop for school board members in partnership with the Department of Public Instruction, WEAC, and WEAC Regions 5 and 6. Register in advance here.
  4. Take budget action by visiting WisconsinNetwork.org/budget, telling your story to your state lawmakers and your community, and putting concrete action behind your appreciation for Wisconsin’s amazing teachers.

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