WI Chiefs of Police Call for Comprehensive School Safety Measures

“The current system is underfunded.”

On the same day that students around the state stood up for stronger safety measures, the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association issued a strong statement echoing many of the concerns and demands of students, parents, and school leaders:


Meanwhile, the Governor today called for a Special Session on School Safety effective immediately, and put forward a $100 million proposal to launch a new Office of School Safety through the Department of Justice, which would administer the grant money.  Meanwhile, Senate leader Scott Fitzgerald is said to be working on a “simpler” version of the plan which would likely still be a one-time pot of aid but would not include all of the mandates in the Governor’s proposal.

As we review and ask for more details on these plans, we strongly encourage school boards, school leaders, and local teams to draft resolutions, letters to the editor or official statements supporting the elements of the WI Chiefs of Police Association’s positions that they would like to see in a school safety package – flexibility, comprehension, and sustainability – then share widely with your communities and with your lawmakers.  

Calls for flexible locally controlled spending, sustainable funding for comprehensive school supports, and basic safety measures like universal background checks and waiting periods for firearm purchases are at the heart of the demands made by parents, students, schools, and now the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association.

Legislators will convene soon to take up these important measures, and what we have been hearing all along from the education community is that a one-time, limited pot of money for building security is not enough. To keep our schools safe and meet the social and emotional needs of our students, we need comprehensive, sustainable school supports. Call on lawmakers to use this moment to do the most good for our students and schools.

Please continue to show YOUR support for safe schools by connecting with local leaders and sharing your concerns.

You can find your legislators at https://maps.legis.wisconsin.gov.


Update: Wisconsin Family Ties has issued a statement responding to the Governor’s proposal: Safe Schools Are Well-Resourced, Not Hardened

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