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Wisconsin students are counting on us to support policy that works for our kids, and to elect leaders who will ensure that every child has equal opportunity to thrive in our public schools. #VotePublic is Wisconsin’s toolkit for nonpartisan advocacy that puts our kids and their public schools at the center of every election!

Get on the Bus for Wisconsin students & let your community know where candidates stand on the issues, how policy matters to local kids, and how to hold elected officials accountable once elected! JOIN US at both in-person and virtual events statewide!
Why do elections matter to our public schools? What’s at stake for local kids? Our #VotePublic fact sheets and talking points provide all the resources you need to feel confident communicating your concerns to your community!
Our #VotePublic Organizing toolkits provide information on everything you need to make a difference – from forming a nonpartisan grassroots team to writing letters to the editor, to organizing local events!

Everything you need to know about registering, voting in person or absentee, and getting out the vote for upcoming elections!

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Let your community – and the people who want to represent you! – know why it’s so important to local kids that we #VotePublic. Click here for the full archive of our #VotePublic graphics! Share widely and use as you see fit!