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This commission is our best chance at moving past the politics and seeing real change in how our schools are funded. It is an opportunity to show decision-makers what funding equity looks like, and help map out the road to achieving a formula that ensures equal opportunity for success for every student.

While we are eager to learn more about the plans for this important committee, there are many voices that will not be heard at the committee level – parent advocates, members of  grassroots advocacy teams, active teachers, school business or finance managers, sitting board members, representation from the Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance.  These voices must be heard through our collective advocacy.

The committee is made of these legislators…
…and these private citizens
  • Ted Neitzke, CEO, CESA 6
  • Dr. Michelle Langenfeld, Superintendent, Green Bay Area Public Schools
  • Dr. Joni Burgin, Superintendent, Grantsburg School District
  • Dan Rossmiller, Director of Government Relations, Wisconsin Association of School Boards
  • Lori Saqer, Director of Business Operations, Messmer Catholic Schools, Inc.
  • Dr. Julie Underwood, Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, UW-Madison

Action Steps YOU Can Take

VotePublic 2018-4 (1)

  1.  Make sure you are connected with us via email! [insert link here] This way you will always be updated with the latest news and action steps associated with the Blue Ribbon Commission.
  2. Contact the above legislators. Let them know you support this important work. Thank them for serving and invite them to call on you for feedback and input as they begin this discussion. To get an effective and lasting solution, the public must be part of the conversation. 
  3. Be a Blue Ribbon Ambassador. Be a voice for fairness at the hearings. They are open to the public. Wear your green GO PUBLIC shirt if possible. The upcoming schedule for the hearings is listed below, but also make sure to check here for the most updated meeting times.
  4. Become connected with a local grassroots group in your area to amplify your voice and to make sure your community knows about this important opportunity to help create equitable funding in our public school system. There is a network map of our partners on the home page.
  5. Get organized! We provide tool kits and workshops to help you create local level action in your community. Organize and attend public forums, do research, know where candidates stand on issues, create surveys and write letters to the editor in support of public schools. If you would like more information about workshops and how one could come to your community, please email our executive director, Heather DuBois Bourenane, at hdb@wisconsinnetwork.org.
  6. The most important thing you can do this year is #VOTEPUBLIC and get others in your community to do the same. If we want to see real change in our education system, we need to get lawmakers into office who know that education equity is a top priority for voters.
  7. Share the above steps with your family and friends, get them involved. The more voices the better. We summarized all the above information into one handy infographic.


Upcoming Hearings of the Blue Ribbon Commission for Equitable Funding

There are no upcoming meetings, to see the most updated meeting schedule click here.

News and Updates



No Time to Lose Report

Elements of the World Class Education System- Why Equitable Funding is Important

Every child in the state of Wisconsin deserves to be enrolled in a world-class education system. The National Conference of State Legislatures developed four elements that a world-class education system MUST include. These elements includes language that clearly shows equitable education funding is the only way to achieve the high standards our students deserve.

Elements of a World Class Education System-page-001























To read the full No Time to Lose Report and to learn more about the NCSL visit their website.

Please feel free to share and use this infographic.

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