Public Schools Week 2022

Wisconsin Public Education Network Celebrates Public Schools Week, February 21-25, 2022

Public Schools Week is an annual event celebrating the amazing things that happen every day in our public schools, and sharing our appreciation for our educators and the value of a great public education! Public Schools Week is celebrated by the National School Boards Association and other organizations and partners around the country and throughout Wisconsin!

Here’s How You Can Get Involved:

  • Let’s focus on all of the personal, local, and legislative ways we can show appreciation for our public schools! Examples include:
    • Contact your Lawmakers on Monday, February 21st
    • Thank You Cards or Other Tokens of Appreciation: Send cards, notes, and cookies to the educators and staff in your school. Don’t forget administrators and your district office! Make it a party by holding card-making events with parent groups, student orgs, and other local teams.
    • Guest Lessons: Invite a retired teacher, a parent, or a student to conduct a lesson in the classroom.
    • Showcase Student Work: Decorate a public space with children’s drawings and artwork. Make sure to post a picture on social media with #PublicSchoolsWeek.
    • Host a Dinner: Share in a community meal with current and retired educators and staff from your school. 
    • Community Slide Show: Have members of the community submit photos of reasons they love their schools and put them together in a slide show.
    • Attend a School Board Meeting during the week to express your appreciation.
    • Register Your Action: Don’t forget to register your event, no matter the size, with the Learning First Alliance.
  • Media and Messaging: Contribute to our media message!
    • Create a local hashtag and try to get it trending in your community. Example: #WeLoveMiltonSchools
    • Write a letter to the editor or op-ed for your local paper sharing why you love your schools.
    • Contact your local paper and news stations to inform them of your events and invite them to cover your efforts!
    • Schedule interviews or call into local radio stations to express your public school pride.
    • School Board Resolution: this really shows that your district is on board with your plans
  • Watch Governor Evers’ video celebrating Public Schools Week!
  • Watch U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin’s video!

Want some resources to help you with your online/social media messaging plan? Contact for tips or to attend digital office hours!

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