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Thriving public schools provide safe, welcoming environments for all and meet the unique individual needs of all students. Educational equity ensures our public schools have the resources and supports they need to provide an equally excellent and well-rounded education to every student.

This is a running page of messaging and educational resources to stand up for teaching the truth and attaining equity through public education.

What is Critical Race Theory? from educators Tasha O’Malley, Maggie Gugel and Faith Stevenson

Resources for Messaging on Equity

Race Class Narrative Messaging Checklist

Race Class Narrative Messaging Guidance for Safe & Equitable Schools

Honesty in Education: Messaging Guidance from ASO Communications and We Make The Future

Equity in Action Leadership Circle Materials Sheet

ACLU of Wisconsin open letter to school district administrators: “You Are Legally Obligated To Teach Students About Race”

“Back-to-School Tips for MMSD [Madison] Families with Privilege” from Families For Justice

Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings on Critical Race Theory:

From our 7th Annual Summer Summit:

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