Be a Voter like Your Public Schools Depend on It!

A lot is at stake for Wisconsin students in the Nov. 8 election, which is now just four days away. We hope every public education champion will be a voter in Tuesday’s election, and we hope you will use and share our year-round, nonpartisan resources to help us get out the vote across Wisconsin!

As you vote (in-person absentee voting is still open in some municipalities over the weekend, and polls are open from 7am-8pm on Tuesday!), and as you speak with members of your community to help them make their voting plan, here are some helpful resources:

  1. Most importantly, share your story. Make sure your people know why you’re voting in this election. Make it local, personal, and values-forward. And be sure to share your stories with us so we can amplify them!
  2. Change your Facebook profile photo using our new graphic. You can download the image and upload it as your profile picture through November 8!
    Put the link in your caption to encourage your facebook friends to make their voting plan, and it’s worth reminding them that same-day voter registration is allowed in Wisconsin with a valid photo ID and proof of residence!
  3. Volunteer with your local referendum team. Fifty-nine(!) school districts across the state have referenda on the November ballot, and local teams are working hard to make sure voters understand why local districts are in this position.
    Share our referenda explainer graphic and see if your local referendum team needs volunteers to help with canvassing, voter outreach, or anything else. If you’re wondering who to get in touch with, ask us — we probably know who’s leading the efforts in your region!
  4. Review and share our year-round, nonpartisan Education Vote Tracker (, which has followed education-related bills through the capitol this year. See how bills aligned with the interests of various education interests, how lawmakers voted on these bills, and make a plan for holding lawmakers accountable for doing what’s best for kids. Twenty-five education bills were vetoed by the governor this year alone. The tracker is a nonpartisan accountability tool that we will continue to update through the next session and budget cycle.
  5. Sign our petition telling lawmakers to use part of the state’s historic surplus to fund our public schools! This petition has been live since late spring, and we will share it with newly elected or re-elected officials to let them know where public education champions stand.
  6. Remember to bookmark our Public Schools Unite Us Action Center, where we’re housing our nonpartisan get-out-the-vote resources, toolkits, and more:

We will not hold a regular meeting of Network partners on the first Monday of November (we hope you will use that day to get out the vote for Tuesday!), but we will have a post-election debrief meeting the following Monday, November 14, from 3:30-5pm. Register here for that virtual meeting. Register in advance:

Only one weekend separates us from the November 8 election. Be a voter like your public schools depend on it! Remind your friends and community members that Wisconsin kids are counting on them to make their voices heard on Tuesday!

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