Join Us! An invitation from Dr. Julie Underwood

Wisconsin Public Education Network Welcome from WAES Board President Dr. Julie Underwood

I am proud to be a part of the Wisconsin Public Education Network.  Last month at Wauwatosa East High School we came together, over 350 strong, to share our support for public education.

We heard from many speakers and had many informal conversations throughout the day, much focusing on a few themes:

Underwood, Julie
Dr. Julie Underwood, President, Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools (WAES) Board of Directors. Photo: UW-Madison
  • Public education is our shared purpose. It defines who we are as an American people.
  • Public education is absolutely necessary to sustain a democracy. People cannot clearly understand complex political issues, vote, or run for public office unless they have a strong basic education.
  • Our commitment must be conveyed to all of our elected officials. This is a vital non-partisan issue.

Together we share the belief that public education is vital to our community and our future as a democracy.  We must work together, collaboratively, to draw attention to the need for improved public education for all of Wisconsin’s children.  We must be informed, persistent, and vocal about these challenges and needs.  Never has our cause been more relevant, more urgent.

Please join us in working both at the local level through our local partner groups.  You can find us across Wisconsin. Please make use of the tools collected to help you draw attention to these issues.  We invite you to join us in getting organized, connected, and doing what you can to support this important work.

We appreciate your support and need your voice.

Thank you.

Julie Underwood, J.D., Ph.D.
Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools, Board Chair

John and Tashia Morgridge were among the speakers at our 2nd Annual Summer Summit August 23 in Wauwatosa. The Morgridges delivered a moving keynote at the event, reflecting on their deep and lasting ties to public schools, standing in the gymnasium of the high school from which they graduated 65 years ago. Photo credit: Joe Brusky, Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association

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