Public Schools Week 2021

This week will take place from February 22 – 26, 2021.

Special Delivery Event at the Wisconsin State Capitol Building.
Little did we know this would be our last in-person gathering of 2020.

Local Level Action, Statewide Impact. Ideas to celebrate the week in your community:

  • Take the Public School Pledge at! Then share it on social media.
  • Start thinking about community events that showcase your appreciation for your public schools! Examples include:
    • Valentines or Other Tokens of Appreciation: Send Valentines/notes/cookies to the educators and staff in your school. Don’t forget administrators and your district office! Make it a party by holding online card-making events with parent groups, student orgs, and other local teams. KEEP IT SIMPLE. The message is: I LOVE MY PUBLIC SCHOOL because…

    • Special Virtual Events: Invite speakers or hold a party to honor local difference-makers in your schools and community.
    • Community Slide Show: Have members of the community submit photos of reasons they love their schools and put them together in a slide show.
  • Media and Messaging: We need to amplify our love. There are many ways you can contribute to our media message:
  • “Honk If You Love Your Public School” brigade

  • Attend a school board meeting during the week to express your appreciation
  • Showcase student success. You could make a list of the cool things students accomplish and share one on social media every day
  • Create a local hashtag and try to get it trending in your community. Example: #WeLoveMiltonSchools
  • Whatever you decide to plan, no matter how big or small, register it with the national event through Learning First so it be amplified!

About the author: Wisconsin Public Education Network