Local level action, statewide impact.

Whether you’re part of an existing or emerging advocacy team, or an individual who cares about our students, you can be part of the growing movement to come together – where we live – to support the 860,000 children attending Wisconsin’s public schools.

Local organizing is all about building relationships so that we can connect with others who share our values and concerns, and work together for the change our kids deserve. Connecting with friends, neighbors and elected officials by sharing our stories and experiences helps us better understand what local students need and how we can provide it. It helps take the “politics” out of education advocacy by focusing on what matters most: the success, safety and happiness of our students and the educators who support them! Strong communities depend on strong public schools. We encourage local action because local action works!

Organizing resources:

Start Relational Organizing! Relational organizing is reaching out to our own circles of influence to make sure everyone is well informed and knows how and when to #VotePublic. We have an app for that! The Empower App.

One of the workshops in our #VotePublic Action Series focused on relational organizing titled “Kids can’t vote…that’s our job: GOTV strategies” This will focus on building real relationships up to and through the election that are genuine, and do not feel transactional. REGISTER NOW!

Develop your personal leadership capacity and gain insights into strategic organizing with our amazing partner, WiLD (Wisconsin Leadership Development Project).

Join their email and see upcoming workshops here.

Legislative Advocacy Tips: How to Build Relationships with Decision-Makers

For Parents: Advocating for your child and your school

For School Board Members, Administrators and Local Leaders

Speak up for Public Schools! How to Write Effective Letters to the Editor

Voucher Data Tool Kit

State Level Legislative Educational Vote Tracker

WEBINAR: SocialSchool4Edu and Wisconsin Public Education NetworkGo Public! Using Social Media to Celebrate and Support Our Public Schools

Partner toolkits and advocacy resources:

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Click here to Get the Facts! and be informed on the current state of Public School funding and policy.

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