This is an archive of previous legislative sessions’ vote trackers. Click here for the current Education Vote Tracker!


We tracked education votes all year and have put together the interactive tool below on some of the most controversial education bills that moved through the capitol.

Do YOUR lawmakers vote in the interests of Wisconsin students and their public schools?

Follow these buttons to track Wisconsin state legislators’ votes, and click on a bill in the spreadsheet to read more:

Note: these buttons link directly to the Senate and Assembly tabs in our Education Vote Tracker spreadsheet.


  1. On the first tab (“Legislative Report Card”), read about what Wisconsin kids needed and how that matched up with what the legislature delivered.
  2. On the second tab (“Comparing Votes & Interests”), see the votes and actions Wisconsin legislators (representatives and senators), registered interests, and Governor Evers took on a few of the most consequential bills this year.
    1. To read more about these bills and others, visit our full tracker spreadsheet linked below.
    2. Scroll down beyond the interactive tool to read more about how and why we tracked legislation this year.
  3. To find your own legislators and see which registered interests their votes aligned with most, click the Legislative Map tab and search for your city or ZIP code.
Click here to read the letter they signed in 2020.

Wisconsin voters need to know what upcoming legislation means to our communities and our children, and how lawmakers vote on those measures.

We track the bills that matter most to our students and their public schools. We follow both the concerns of our statewide partners and the actions of registered lobbyists in favor of or opposition to key education-related legislation. When our partners flag a bill as “one to watch,” we include it in our tracker. We are a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan coalition and we do not lobby ourselves in favor of or against legislation. This tracking tool is designed to help you understand who supports and opposes key legislation and how your elected officials have voted. For comprehensive lists of all legislation impacting public schools, see the links below for trackers maintained by education organizations.


Eye on Lobbying:

The hyperlinks listed here will take you out to the Government Accountability Board web site to see which specific bills are being lobbied by these organizations. Click on “lobbying interest” to see what bills these organizations have taken a position on.

Organizations representing the interests of Wisconsin public schools, public school students, or Wisconsin public education professionals, and public-education supporting Wisconsin Public Education Network partners we follow:

Other education bill trackers: